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Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a machining method primarily used to manufacture intricate parts using graphite or copper to burn out logos and square pockets out of many different materials such as high carbon steels to alloys such as aluminium.

Often considered a “non traditional” machining method, Sink EDM Machining is a unique method that employs the use of electrical discharges for it’s main material removal process. Traditional methods of machining would be challenging at best to produce the same results in precision that the Sink EDM would be able to acquire in certain applications..

Metalworks CNC has the ability to program complex 3D geometry, quickly and efficiently. Our quality assurance team monitors each run to make “on the fly” adjustments as needed. This eliminates the possibility of faulty runs. Using ESPRIT as our (C.A.M.) computer aided machining software, we are able to program a precise, multi dimensional product or design using the solid model file. By inputting the necessary specifications from the (CAD) computer aided design file, the Sink EDM is the process to complete the desired feature of a part or component.

Metalworks CNC is a precision manufacture that offers EDM Sink machining services. Our services include prototyping, fabrication, assembly, and quality control. At Metalworks CNC, we work closely with all of our clients and recommend the best approaches to manufacturing solutions. Since we have the ability to perform manual sink services, we will always recommend the best approach.

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We are committed to ensuring your investment is protected at every stage of production. As an advanced precision metal fabrication company, Metalworks CNC prides itself on it’s quality assurance system.

We will work directly with your company to ensure your application is completed to exact specifications and in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

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Metalworks CNC
7420 Benson RD Rama, ON L3V 6H6

Phone: 705-242-3771
Mobile: 705-323-2862


Rob: rob@metalworkscnc.com

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