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The demand for high precision machining and tooling in today’s ever changing industrial landscape has called for new and improved equipment and techniques. As the demand for stronger and more sophisticated parts increases, so does the demand for high tech equipment.

Computer aided technology has allowed companies to greatly improve existing machining and tooling techniques at the micro level for exact detail and precision.

One such piece of equipment is the CNC Lathe Tooling Machine.

The CNC Lathe has enabled businesses to produce detailed, and sophisticated parts in a much more effective and efficient manner. With the advent of computer aided technology, the CNC Lathe Tooling Machine has allowed companies to produce intricate parts with much more detail in half the time needed by traditional techniques.

Metalworks CNC has specialized in CNC Lathe Tooling for over 10 years. Our team of professional machinists will work with you and your business in helping you decide which method is the best fit for your applications. We will work in the most effective and efficient manner to create the perfect finished product, exactly to your specifications.

At Metalworks CNC, we employ the use of two high end lathes. The first is our CNC Mori Seiki lathe and the second is our manual Mori Seiki manual lathe. Both machines allow our machinists to create custom, precision made applications.

Our commitment to quality service and products has kept us at the forefront of the Southern Ontario tooling market for years. As a precision machining and tooling company, Metalworks CNC has over 25 years of combined experience offering sophisticated machining and tooling services. We will work with your company to ensure your finish product is completed exactly to specifications, on time, and in the most efficient way possible.

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Why Choose Metalworks CNC?


We are committed to ensuring your investment is protected at every stage of production. As an advanced precision metal fabrication company, Metalworks CNC prides itself on it’s quality assurance system.


Our vision at Metalworks CNC is to work one on one with your company to ensure your valuable application is completed to exact specifications in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

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Metal Works CNC
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Phone: 705-242-3771
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